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Motorcycle Clubs/Groups/Organizations (Listed in Alphabetical order)


American Nomads is an AMA chrartered group that was founded Oct. 1st., 2012 with the goal of riding enjoyment without the political nonsense or other agendas. As our namesake would suggest, we have no set territory and range state wide. We wanted to have a family orientation with motorcycle riding at the core. we welcome all visitors to join us on a ride. Come experience the brotherhood of riding with a chartered AMA group and join us on our journey’s. Contact us through our web site and look around while your there.

blacktop saints logo

Blacktop Saints is an AMA Chartered Riding Club, with members primarily in South West Michigan and Northern Indiana.  The club is about friendship, riding, respect and community pride/service.  They claim no territory and chapters do not wear a territory rocker.  Members ride all makes/models of motorcycles.  For more information about the Blacktop Saints visit their website HERE or E-mail them for more information at:


Harley Owners Group of Southwest Michigan is a club for local Kalamazoo Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, sponsored by Perry Harley-Davidson.  Membership can be obtained by contacting Perry Harley-Davidson or our Membership Officer at  Ride and have fun!


Red Arrow Riders
Red Arrow Riders
The Red Arrow Riders are a non-profit organization made up of former military and patriotic civilian riders supporting  veterans causes as well as those of active duty military through the sport of motorcycling.  Currently actively involved with Talons Out Honor Flight organization which sends WWII veterans to the WWII Memorial in Washington for no cost.  Telephone:  (269)349-7218.  Email:  “Support Your Local Red Arrow Riders-Supporting Veterans Everyday”


The SONS OF MALTA Motorcycle Club is a Non-profit recreational organization of like minded Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, and other Individuals, who are motorcycle enthusiasts’ and hold themselves to the eight principles of the Maltese Cross (charity, loyalty, chivalry, discipline, gallantry, generosity to friend and foe, protection of the weak, and dexterity in service).

As members of the SONS OF MALTA, we will come to the aid and assistance of our brother Firefighters, EMT’s, and Paramedics that befall tragic times as it is within our ability to do so and as the Executive Board deems appropriate. We will also lend our efforts to other charities as the Executive Board may determine from time to time.

Lastly, the members of the SONS OF MALTA will engage in social and recreational
activities as motorcycle enthusiasts’ and enjoy a friendship and brotherhood with other like minded individuals.

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    • The Sons of Malta claim to be a membership of Firefighter, Emergency Medical Personnel, and Law Enforcement. However of the 40 plus members they currently boast about less than 5 are affiliated with any of the emergency services. Furthermore, during this past year many of their officer have been in motorcycle accidents without insurance, cycle endorsement, valid registration, and while racing each other. Not the kind of group that I would want to ride with or place myself in danger attending any rides that they are in or are organizing. All of these facts are public record as well as this clubs lies about being a non-profit organization. They seem to be more of a bunch of dishonest, want-a-be’s. It is groups like this that bring a bad public image to good motorcycle clubs.

      • All of the members of the Sons of Malta that work the job left over a year ago. What is left are just fakes and frauds with no respect and no honor.

      • The Sons of Malta is having a Fund Raiser for one of their members that was injured in a motorcycle accident to help with medical bills and lost wages on December 6, 2015 at RJ’s Sports Bar in Sheridan MI. This person (John Berry) was riding a motorcycle without a license or insurance. I believe that is the price you pay for operating a motorcycle on public roads illegally. It is despicable to be asking others to pay for your own stupidity! This only continues to show how this is a group of dishonest and fake people hiding behind the false front of a good biker group.

        Michigan is a Black and White State. The Sons of Malta are frauds and do not have the approval or right to wear the colors they wear. They should take their colors off before someone removes them!

        • The fundraiser put on for Mr Berry was not put on by Sons of Malta. That was put on by friends of his, and was done mostly behind his back because he had told people he didnt want a fundraiser because there were people in more need than himself. John has NEVER gone to ANYONE with a hand out for a thing, in fact has done quite the opposite. John over the years has been involved in multiple fundraisers for multiple different charities that can show where EVERY DIME has gone.

          Yes John made a mistake. Thankfully John was the only one who was hurt in that accident. John did not commit any acts of fraud against the public.

          As far as approval for Sons of Malta to be wearing their colors, whose approval are they lacking to wear those colors? Mr Weeks?? As a club they are trying very hard to undo a lot of the damage Mr Weeks Sr has done. Mr Weeks is STILL trying to regain control of Sons of Malta for his own personal gain. ( According to the news in the past couple days looks like he will go to some pretty extensive lengths for personal gain )

          Those currently involved with Sons of Malta do not want that club to fall back under the control of Joe Weeks Sr. They are fighting tooth and nail to keep him as far from that club as possible. If Joe Weeks Sr is successful in tearing that club apart any more it wont be the end of Sons of Malta, but might as well be called SINS OF MALTA because that is the goal of Joe Weeks Sr, more fraud

          • Sounds like its more drama than riding,more garage talk about being a bad ass motorscooter club,he said this,he said that,wow,the comments are all negative.Why not fold the “club”and venture out to clubs that dont have all this public poop.

  1. My mom and dad were part of a motorcycle club i thought was kalamazoo bikers.. this was back in 97 and older.. they died in a motorcycle June of 97… any one know the club I’m looking for?

  2. I heard that Mr. Weeks is being investigated for a host of things he did on behalf of the membership.

    My question is: Is he in prison yet?

    What phase is the investigation at?


    • Sorry, Mike I’m just a guy who likes to ride a Harley and can build a website. All I know about the Sons of Malta and Mr. Weeks is what I’ve read in the paper.

  3. Thank you to Sons of Malta for coming out to Paramount Charter Academy to volunteer to build a GaGa Pit for our scholars!!! WOW! It looks amazing and you were super fast in getting it built! Kudos to you and your group! Just what Kalamazoo needs, more community driven groups as yourselves!

  4. The Paw Paw area Rotary Club would like to invite you to the 5th Annual Grape Escape Motorcycle Ride on 12 Sep 15. The ride goes by the vineyards and through the quiet scenic beauty of Van Buren County ending at Paw Paw Brewery. The ride coincides with the Paw Paw Grape and Wine Festival. Registration starts at 0930 at Sea, Land, Air Travel Agency. Cost is $25 per bike. Questions please contact myself at 269-459-1142 or Ellyn at 269-207-7710.

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